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What form of payment do you accept?

For roll-off dumpster service the payment options are cash, check, Master Card and Visa .

What are the payment options?

Unless you have pre-approved credit terms, you will be asked to provide payment upon delivery of the dumpster.

Does someone have to be present when the dumpster is delivered, exchanged, or removed?

Payment is required upon delivery if paying by card over the phone and we have an exact location as where to place the roll-off then no one is required to be present but it is always better to have someone home.

You are not required to be present upon dumpster removal as long as the access is clear. When calling for service, it is your responsibility to assure Green City is given clear access to perform the service.

How do I change or cancel my order for service?

Your request must be phoned in to Green City Customer Service before the order is dispatched. Typically, that is two hours prior to your requested time.

As a courtesy, our driver will call the contact phone number provided before leaving the Green City facility. The driver will confirm the type of service as well as inform you that the dumpster service has been dispatched.

How far in advance do I need to place an order for service?

Typically able to deliver same day if not next business day. The more notice we have in advance we are better able to accommodate your needs.

Most often, we will be able to accommodate your preferred service time to within a two hour window.

What if I need to keep my dumpster longer than the allotted time?

The dumpster is loaned to you for a specific period of time as per your quoted service. Typically it is for 10 days if needing to keep it longer it is $15 dollars a day each day after the 10 days.

How much waste can I put in the dumpster?

You may fill the dumpster to the level at the top. No further.

20 yards will hold 3 tons with $50.00 per ton over
30 yards will hold 5 tons with $50.00 per ton over

How much weight, in pounds, equals a ton?

A ton equals 2000 pounds.

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